ANNISTON, Ala. (WIAT) — What started as a missing person’s case, now police say DeAngelo Allen went missing involuntarily.

Since mid-September – his family, friends and the Anniston Police Department has been searching for the 31-year-old.

Both family and police have the same message: anyone who knows anything about why Allen went missing — they are asking that you come forward and tell police what happened so the family no longer must keep looking for him into month number five.

Derene “Bookie” Allen and his son, DeOnta by his side stand waiting for someone to step forward and explain what happened to this son, father and brother.

“It’s not going to go back to normal until we get some kind of closure,” Bookie said. “We can’t move forward until somebody steps forward and at least points us in the direction of his remains.”

Anniston Police say he was last seen in the 1000 block of Old Coldwater Road – and until recently he was listed as a missing person. Now, they say his disappearance was involuntary.

Sgt. Jason Hawkins has been mainly behind the investigation.

“It’s by no means over. We’ve still got stuff to do on it,” Hawkins said. “There were some people that he was familiar with that he hung around and we really just need those people to come forward and tell us what happened.”

This same message echoed by family Monday night.

“You shouldn’t have to see your five-year-old granddaughter come in your house and show a picture asking where’s my daddy and you have no way of explaining to her exactly where he’s at,” Bookie said.

Bookie and DeOnta asking anyone to come forward again.

“As long as you want to keep up any type of charades or act like you don’t know what happened just continue to know that you will see my face and it will not stop until I find my brother and we can finally get some closure,” DeOnta said.

The family said it has raised $6,000 through a gofundme page for any information that helps bring them closure. Anniston Police encourage anyone to come forward with information in this case.

How to submit information:

APD Investigative Division: 256-240-4000

Central Alabama Crime Stoppers: 334-215-STOP (7867)