Angela Mayo sentenced to 50 years for Tuscaloosa murder after guilty plea

Local News

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — A Tuscaloosa woman pled guilty to murder Monday morning and now will spend the next 50 years in prison.  

Judge Jim Roberts sentenced 30-year-old Angela Mayo to 50 years behind bars for the murder of 27-year-old Shanina Smith.

The victim’s mother, Regina Smith, says she was disappointed in the sentencing. She wanted her daughter’s killer to spend life in jail without parole.

“I wanted life, because she killed my daughter. And I wanted her to have life without parole.  I don’t feel good about this, I just want to ask her why, why did she kill my daughter. I just want to know why,” Regina Smith said.

The murder happened in August 2019 at the LEAR plant in Vance. The company manufactures car seats and electrical systems. Mayo brought a gun to work and shot the victim Shanina Smith three times in the head and once in her chest. The killer and victim worked together on the assembly line.

Regina Smith says her daughter’s brutal murder is painful and still hurts the family. In Court Monday, family members worse T-shirts that had pictures of Shanina.

“We will truly miss her, and I still love her always and she will always be in my mind, and she will be in my heart regardless,” Regina Smith said.

Just days before the fatal shooting, Mayo purchased bullets for her gun and practiced shooting at a gun range.  27-year-old Shanina Smith leaves behind a young son and her boyfriend who she was planning to marry.

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