EUTAW, Ala. (WIAT) — Greene County EMS is struggling with an ambulance shortage. The EMA has four ambulances, but only one is running. It, like the other three, has mechanical problems. The neighboring city of Livingston is letting the ambulance service use one of their ambulances to help.

Greene County EMS Director Zac Bolding says he is so thankful for Livingston helping in his time of need.

“Yeah, we appreciate it and there’s been some questions as to why we are operating in a Livingston fire ambulance. We do have some units that are down in need of repairs, and we are in need of a replacement unit. We are super appreciative, and I called them Saturday morning and they made the decision to let us loan that truck, we have four dialysis patients and without this truck they wouldn’t have been able to go to dialysis”.

Bolding says the Greene County Commission agreed to give the ambulance service $90,000, but he says that is not enough funding. He needs at least $140,000 to get his ambulances rolling again.

“Right now, the only Greene County vehicle that’s operational is our 1995 medic 110, and it’s got 385,000 miles on it and does have mechanical issues. The essential services provided by Greene County EMS are extremely important. We are the only EMS service in the county, and frankly, with the pandemic and the situation with mutual aid, often we have to call for mutual aid and that’s just not available.”

The Greene County EMS makes more than 200 ambulance runs per month. CBS 42 reached out to the Greene County Commission and the EMS Board, but no one was available for comment.