BESSEMER, Ala. (WIAT) — Amazon invited journalists into its Bessemer fulfillment center for the first time Tuesday to give a tour of the post-holiday operations.

During busy peak periods in November and December, the facility moves millions of products each week.

“Outside of non peak, it is about 2.8 million per week, during peak it is a lot close to that 3.6-3.8 million packages per week,” said Cody Haycraft, the Senior Operations Manager for the outbound ship dock at BHM 1.

Haycraft estimated between 90 and 120 trucks leave the site each day.

BHM 1 is a fulfillment center in Bessemer that employs approximately 6,000 full and part time employees. Millions of products are stowed away at the facility.

“If you are a vendor and you want to work with Amazon, you will ship your product to us. Once we get those products, we take the inventory, dismantle it by unit, and then put it away/stow it on these floors,” said Mamadou Diop, the General Manager for BHM 1.

A combination of employees and robots help move inventory across four floors in the building.

While many companies have been dealing with nationwide supply chain issues, Diop said the interruptions to Amazon have been minimal so far.

“We’ve been very creative and innovative in monitoring our supplies and inventory to where we haven’t had a shortage and we’ve been able to keep up with the demand from our customers,” said Diop.

The Bessemer facility opened during the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. Managers have worked hard to make sure employees are safe.

“Employees have direct access to any and every cleaning product that they will need, not only to sanitize themselves, but also to keep their station clean,” said Diop.

Diop said Amazon also works to distance employees during meal breaks and on the floor. Masks are also required inside the facility.

Once packages leave the Bessemer facility, the items head to other locations, like the new Amazon center in Crestwood.

“Once it reaches the final mile location, it is broken down even further to zip code by route, so our delivery station partners at our final mile locations are able to deliver it to you,” said Haycraft.

While the BHM 1 center currently serves more than 80 locations, Haycraft said upgrades were recently made to expand to more than 140 locations.