Alleged puppy mill case under investigation in Walker County

NAUVOO, Ala. (WIAT)-The Walker County Sheriff's Office is investigating an alleged puppy mill case and many residents in the neighborhood are outraged.

Nauvoo resident Lisa Yates loves her pets and has two small dogs.  After hearing that dozens of dogs
were rescued and a horse died on her neighbors property, the news really upset her.

"It makes me want to cry, I mean i just don't understand how or why anybody could do it.
it take a cold hearted person to hurt an animal especially a horse.  Those animals didn't ask 
for that" Yates said.

Thursday 27 dogs had to be removed from the home on Nauvoo Road.  The animals removed are mixed Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs.  Ivanna Sullivan from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society tells CBS 42 the animals were not being cared for.

"They were there for breeding purposes, and living in deplorable conditions but we are happy
they are now in a safe environment and well cared for while this case is on going" Sullivan said.

Deputy Carl Carpenter from the Walker County Sheriff's offices believes the homeowners 
involved didn't have enough resources to provide adequate care for the animals. 

"The offenses that we are looking at right now are is to determine if cruelty to animals
occurred with the horse and cruelty to the dogs is occurring with the canines" Carpenter said.

No arrests have been made, the case is under investigation.  A hearing will be held in the future to determine who gets custody of the dogs and if they can be adopted out.

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