ALDOT working faster on installing interstate cameras as I-59/20 project progresses

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — ALDOT said more cameras are being installed on central Alabama interstates and they’re moving faster on installing them because of the construction going on I-59/20 bridge.

They said they anticipate more people to reroute their drive to avoid the construction.

A lot of eyes are on our interstates, especially at Alabama Department of Transportation.

“It’s important for us to keep the congestion at a very minimum which is already a difficult task in Birmingham area but we want to keep the traveling public and flow of traffic as smooth as possible,” said Amber Seymore, the assistant construction engineer for ALDOT. 

ALDO said there are 77 cameras on their interstates, but at least 3 more are going up this week on I-459 in Irondale and Vestavia, and I-59 south in Roebuck.

“We are definitely trying to plan ahead and we’re giving the traveling public the beast ease from all of the congestion. It’s sure to come from the Central Business District (CBD) bridges being closed.

In light of recent road rage incidents that involved shootings on the interstate, Irondale police said this is sure to help.

“I think if the public knows there are different camera spots on the intersate, I do think it’ll make them more aware of traffic laws and hopefully maybe it’ll prevent some of this road rage,” said Detective Sergeant Michael Mangina with Irondale Police. 

ALDOT said they let first responders have access to these cameras and work together to make the roads drivable.

“We’ll definitely make our officers aware of it and make our supervisor aware of it and that will definitely be something to check in morning time and maybe in the evening time,” said Mangina. 

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