HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — The Alabama Department of Transportation will host a community meeting in Hoover about a new I-459 interchange project Thursday.

According to ALDOT, this is an open house meeting that will have visual project information in the form of maps and comment forms. Attendees will have the opportunity to express concerns and ask questions.

ALDOT said this project will include auxiliary lanes from Exit 10 to the new interchange, bridges over I-459 and the railroad, along with an extension of Ross Bridge Parkway.

This is to improve traffic operations within the Highway 150 and I-459 corridor.

“We really and truly- we have to look at the metropolitan area as well,” said Mayor Frank Brocato in March after the project’s funding was approved. “And you take something like the interchange for instance. That’s going to affect a lot of people outside the city of Hoover, certainly within the city, but just around the metro area. And so, we want to be a part of that. That’s quality of life.”

The project is not sitting well with everyone, with some community members worried about how their homes could be affected throughout the process.

One resident said a major concern revolves around their privacy being disturbed. Another said they question the city’s lack of transparency and concern for their neighborhood.

Mayor Brocato said it is likely that less than 10 people will be affected, and those individuals will be taken care of properly.

“If it involves a home for instance, there are federal guidelines in place that really protect those property owners and we’re going to make sure, and the federal government is going to make sure, that we follow all of those procedures to make sure we have as little impact as we can on those families,” said Mayor Brocato.

As thousands of people from all over the country pile into Hoover for this week’s SEC baseball tournament, some community members already see the difference this new interchange could make for traffic flow.

“I think it’s going to give us more opportunity to get in and out of the Ross Bridge area where I live as well as some of the homes back on the backside of Highway 11 and things like that,” said Hoover resident David Hohny. “So, I think it’s only going to help us get home faster than it is today.”

Hoover city leaders and ALDOT representatives will be present to answer your questions at the meeting. A comment form is also available.