ALABASTER, Ala. (WIAT) — Construction is underway for a new police station in Alabaster. City officials tell CBS 42 that the new building will be a state-of-the-art facility.

Alabaster PD says this expansion is not a want but a need, as the new 33,000-square-foot police station will become the heart of the city. Police Chief Curtis Rigney says this is a change they’ve needed for decades.

“Our current facility is just so old,” Rigney said. “We’re just very excited. Everybody’s just really excited about being in the new facility. There’s just a lot of enthusiasm about us being here.”

Chief Rigney says their five divisions are currently spread out across the city due to limited space. The new building will provide a central location for all tasks, including group meetings and in-house training.

“Now we’ll have that,” Rigney said. “A place to store evidence. A place to process evidence. A place where the citizens can come in and feel more relaxed and sit down and talk to an officer in a more comfortable environment.”

City Administrator Brian Binzer says the new facility will allow the police department to bring Alabaster’s public safety to the next level.

“Public safety is at the top of our list between that and education and new services and those types of things,” Binzer said. “So we’re thrilled to offer this new building to our community, but this building in the city and we’ve got new things coming as part of that.”

Binzer says the new police department is expected to open in December. He says the city is looking to add a new public library and recreational center next.