CONCORD, Ala. (WIAT) — The historic deadly Kentucky tornado that’s left nearly 100 people dead has many Alabamians reflecting on some of the deadliest storms that have come through the state over the years.

Wendy Suell of Hill’s Carpet & Floor Coverings said memories of the tornado that tore through Central Alabama and destroyed her business on April 27, 2011 are still painful, despite the decade that has passed. In fact, she decided not to look at images or videos from the devastation in Kentucky because she didn’t want to bring back any of those memories.

A year after the storm, Suell was able to rebuild Hill’s Carpet & Floor Coverings, adding it wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of the community. She said she sympathizes with what everyone in Kentucky is going through.

“No, I have not seen what happened in Kentucky because I know it was bad,” Suell said. “I had heard but I did not want to look at it because we were totally destroyed and I can only imagine how it is and what it took for us to rebuild here in Alabama.”

Suell said recovery efforts in the community of Concord have moved forward successfully with the help of community members a decade later. However, some in neighboring cities, like Pleasant Grove, say rebuilding is still an ongoing process.