Alabama’s Pre-K Program adding STEAM to curriculum

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MONTGOMERY, Ala (WIAT)–  Recently, Alabama’s Pre-K Program was featured in a documentary called Starting at ZeroReimagining Education in America”, the film is aimed at highlighting the success of early child learning programs. During the 2018 Legislative Session the Pre-K Program was appropriate 18.5 million dollars. The Secretary of Early Childhood Education Jeana Ross, says their goal is to expand the program each year. 
It’s almost that time of the year for the state’s youngest learners to head to class. 
“She learned lots of social skills, I believe it gave her the firm foundation so she could be successful in kindergarten,” said Kelly Boling. 
Kelly Boling says, her daughter is now in a gifted program at her school, and she believes it’s because of the state’s Pre-K Program.  
“She learned to problem solve, a lot of children don’t know how to problem solve.” 
Alabama’s Pre-K System has been nationally recognized, and Greta Mims believes it’s because of the flexibility with the curriculum. 
” We are here to actually educate their children and help prepare them for the next level.”
This year the Secretary of Early Childhood Education Jeana Ross says, STEAM programs are being added to the curriculum. 
“We want them to be able to conceptualize different ideas and thoughts one math, science, how are they interrelated.”
Ross says when she took over the program there were 119 Pre-K classes, now she says there are over one thousand. 
Here is a link to Pre-K classes and registration in your area.

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