TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The mayors of Alabama’s ten largest cities were in Tuscaloosa for a two-day annual meeting. Mayor Walt Maddox said topics included violent crimes and Aniah’s Law.

“The passage of Aniah’s law will give judges in our state the ability to withhold bail for an offender who could create more violence moving forward,” he said. “Right now our judges don’t have that in their wheelhouse.”

The mayors are calling on voters to pass the amendment. Alabama lawmakers approved a constitutional amendment, called Aniah’s Law, that would allow judges to deny bail to violent offenders. This includes any violent crime, such as murder, rape and robbery. The amendment will be on the ballot in November.
Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson also supports the law. He said he is tired of seeing repeat offenders getting released from jail and continuing to commit violent crimes.

“Because we arrest and re-arrest the same people,” he said. “Until the judicial system comes up with a way to solve this issue to keep those violent offenders in jail we are going to continue this process and innocent people are going to get hurt”.

This year in Tuscaloosa, police have investigated seven murders including a recent double homicide of a 2-year-old shot and killed in his grandparents’ yard. A 25-year-old man was also killed in that shooting. Mayor Maddox is hoping Aniah’s law will prevent senseless killings.

“Somebody likely knew that someone was going to get shot that day. Someone knew that someone should not have a semi-automatic rifle and somebody knew there were circumstances going on that was going to put people’s lives in danger. And what happened is that no one said anything.”

The two day Big Ten Mayors conference was held at the Tuscaloosa River Market.