Alabama travel nurse working in New York

Local News

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A travel nurse from Alabama is in New York to work 12 hour shifts, 21 days straight.

Alexis Blackmon said she spoke with her travel nurse company and learned about the crisis due to the influx of COVID-19 patients. She decided to go to help in any way she can.

“If not me, then who?” Blackmon said.

Blackmon said the situation in New York is worse than she imagined.

“You truly can’t comprehend it until you see it,” she said.

The travel nurse has shared several photos of empty streets and an empty Times Square, where New Yorkers are in quarantine. She says you can tell both the city and state have been hit hard.

CBS 42 asked about the equipment shortages and overflow of patients. Blackmon said she’s seen that issue firsthand and medical professionals are doing everything they can to care for patients, but the work is taking a mental, physical and emotional toll.

“The depression is real here, and the morale is really low,” she said.

Having just landed Monday, Blackmon went straight to work on the overnight shift and has already met several COVID-19 patients, some of whom are recovering while others are not.

“You have so many nurses that are leaving early, just because of the mental, physical and emotional effects of this,” she said. “And I definitely see some of the staff already having PTSD starting to form from everything that’s happening, but one of my friends and my company both described it, as it’s truly more like a war zone right now.”

Blackmon said her company has provided her with plenty of personal protective gear, but she’s asking her Alabama community for prayers.


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