Alabama superfan dies after writing Tua Tagovailoa a ‘Get Well Soon’ card

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MOULTON, Ala. (WIAT) — Faith, family, and the Alabama Crimson Tide — that’s all that mattered to Genice Ballew.

The Alabama superfan’s family say Ballew lived a simple, happy life.

Sometime between Sunday evening and Monday afternoon, Ballew was working on sending a “Get Well Soon” card to the Crimson Tide’s recently-injured quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Ballew’s sister-in-law, Bernice Givens, said she found the card Monday, moments after discovering Ballew had passed away.

“Of course she would be known for, for the last thing on her mind before she passed, to be Alabama Football,” Givens said.

Ballew’s home is decorated in crimson, white and houndstooth. The walls are covered with signed photos from former coaches and quarterbacks.

A red cup with a white “A,” a stuffed elephant and an Alabama watch sit on the table next to Ballew’s favorite chair. Alabama slippers are on the floor in front of the chair.

On the other side of the table, Givens discovered what Ballew was likely doing in her final moments. She had jotted down the address provided to Alabama fans who wanted to mail well-wishes to the football star. Underneath the sheet of paper with the address, Givens uncovered the card.

“When we heard he [Tua] had gotten hurt this weekend, she was just brokenhearted, like it was one of her children,” she said.

Tagovailoa saw Givens’ post and shared it in his Instagram story.

“If she was here today, she would be so excited that Tua acknowledged her death,” Givens said.

Despite losing her husband and, now, sister-in-law, Givens remains optimistic. Both were big Alabama fans.

“Maybe they are talking to ‘Bear’ Bryant today,” she said. “Who knows?”


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