MONTGOMERY, Ala (WIAT) — Officials at Alabama State University promoting COVID-19 prevention technology say they will speed up getting lives back to normal, especially for sporting events.  

The university was host for a sanitizing drone demonstration at its football stadium. 

Alabama based Vargard has created a spray that can kill the coronavirus on surfaces for up to 24 hours.  

“If somebody comes in with COVID on their hand and touch a rail or touch a seat, it gets an immediate kill to the COVID,” Mike Dow with Varigard said. “It traps it and somebody else can’t come tough it and get it.”

 By using drones to apply the spray, an entire stadium can be sanitized before fans arrive and help ensure they don’t pass the virus along to others through surface contact.  

ASU President Dr. Quinton Ross says the university is proud to be a testing location for the spray. He hopes other universities in Alabama and around the country will follow ASU’s lead.  

“We show and prove this technology works and it’s something I think everyone should consider,” Ross said. “I think the sooner all of them embrace using this technology, the sooner we can get back to a sense of normalcy.”  

Ross says keeping this technology in place, now and in the future, can help save lives if another virus threat comes along. 

School leaders at ASU hope to have the technology in place within the next few weeks.