Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill explains articles of impeachment

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill joins Art Franklin on CBS 42 Morning News to talk about the two articles of impeachment filed against President Donald Trump. Merrill provided insight on what will happen in Washington D.C.

You can read the articles of impeachment here.

“It is very interesting that [Democrats] chose to go this direction,” said Merrill. “One of the things they are trying to do is to tie the president to the Ukranian situation inidicate that he is culpable and that he is trying to find a way to harm or make Former Vice President Biden vuneralble in the presidential race. They are trying to say that [Trump] kept senior officials from the white house from being able to testify thus weakening the case the Democrats may have against him as they move impeachment forward.”

Merrill states that most people that support the president believe the impeachment inquiries are a “sham” and that this process has been designed to harm the president and his chances for reelection. On the other hand, Merrill says people that are ” more open-minded” appear to think there could be something to the inquiries and that further investigation is needed. Merrill also says that those who are against the president believe that impeachment should go “full steam ahead.”

Merrill believes the United States is lowering the bar for impeachment.

“I think that’s dangerous territory for the republic. We have reached a situation where it almost appears as those the majority in the house are looking for a way to remove the president if he or she is in a party that they do not approve of,” Merrill says.

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