Alabama meat stores prepare for higher prices due to nationwide meat shortage caused by viral outbreak

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CENTER POINT, Ala. (WIAT) — Stores like Grikey’s Meat and Market in Center Point are preparing for the possibility of rising meat prices due to the meat shortage happening around the United States.

Owner Brad Snyder said he heard a meat shortage was in the future so he got an offsite storage and started stocking up on meats. He said he prides on his store bringing good quality and affordable meat to his customers and is trying to continue that.

“Normally I’m looking for the best value and best deal and I buy trade a load so after talking to these people about 2 weeks ago, I started getting a good sense of what was going to happen. So, I got some offsite storage and I stocked up a couple truck loads so we wouldn’t run out of product and now that we’re getting lower on that product, a lot of my conversation has changed from what’s the best buy out there to calling suppliers asking them hey what do you have? What can I get?,” said Snyder.

Snyder said he’s updating customers on meat prices through their Facebook page and hopes to keep the price low as much as possible.

Meanwhile, the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association said there is definitely a meat shortage in the country and that’s due to the fact that packaging plants are operating at 60-70%.

“We certainly are having some supply chain issues and we knew we would have that just as large packing plants have had to reduce capacity to ensure workers safety. We are not processing as many cattle as we would like to right now but I want to ensure to our consumers that there is no need to panic buy,” said Erin Beasley, the executive vice president of Alabama Cattlemen’s Association.

Beasley said there is no shortage of cattle, it’s all about the process from getting the meat packaged to the stores. She said there are other reasons too why prices are going up.

“Folks are grilling. They want to get outside. This would typically be a time of the year where we would see an increase in ground beef and steak cuts and all of that plays into it, so yes consumers are going to see increase in prices at meat case unfortunately,” Beasley said.

Snyder said he’s doing everything he can to keep prices down by buying when the market is doing well.

“Where prices usually change weekly, prices are changing by the minute and it’s been across the board: pork, chicken, beef, whenever one plant closes, the other plants production, the inventory gets swiped up,” Snyder said.

Beasley said there is no way to forecast how long prices in meat will continue to rise.


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