Alabama lawmaker looks to push hands-free driving law like Georgia's

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) -- Texting and driving takes lives everyday on the road.

"The statistics show we all know it's wrong but we still do it. 97 percent know texting and driving is wrong but 47 percent still do it," said Michelle Lunsford, who lost her daughter Camryn to texting and driving in 2018 in a crash on I-65 S in Pelham.

Local drivers are reacting to Georgia's new law, which prohibits anyone from even holding a phone while driving.

"Even if you look down for a second, you travel a greater distance than you realize so it's probably a better idea not to have it in our hands," said Bill Mayo from Shelby County. 

"I think it's harsh but maybe warranted for a while and let's see if it has the impact it's looking for," said Hank Philligim, from Shelby County. 

Lunsford is all for this law coming to Alabama.

"I do believe it'll happens for us but I'll be honest with you, the law is only as good as citizens obeying it. It has to be us understanding the consequences," said Lunsford.

That's why she's working with legislatures and doing whatever she can to get the word out.

"Georgia has one of the toughest texting and driving laws in the country and I think it would be very well received in Alabama because texting and driving is the lead [cause of] distracting driving fatalities out there today," said Alabama Senator Cam Ward, who is also familiar with Lunsford's story.

Senator Ward is in favor of bringing harsher distracted driving laws. He said the stories like Camryn Callaway need to be heard.

"Don't get the wake up call I had to get because she won't be the last," said Lunsford. 

Do you think Alabama should have legislation like Georgia's hands-free law? Sound off here:

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