Alabama inmate says she got pregnant while in custody

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COOSA COUNTY, Ala (WIAT) — An Alabama inmate say she is about to give birth to a child this month and her lawyer believes she was raped while in custody and is calling for a full investigation.

Latoni Daniel was arrested and charged with capital murder in 2017 stemming from a deadly robbery in Coosa County.

Daniel has been in custody for 17 months, but her attorney told CBS 42 that she is 8 months pregnant. She reported it to her lawyer in 2018 when she learned she was carrying a child.

She had been in Coosa County until she was moved after it was discovered she was pregnant. Daniel has since been moved to another county jail.

“I don’t cry that much but I cried after I heard that because that is my sister and no woman needs to go through the stuff that she had to go through and bear a child this way.” said Terrell Ransaw, the woman’s sister.

Ransaw talked with his sister who said she had no recollection of a sexual encounter. He believes she was assaulted by someone in the Coosa County facility.

According to Ransaw, his sister takes medications for seizures.

“It had to happen at night when she was unconcious after she took her medicine, because that’s when they gave her her medicine at night,” said Ransaw.

Daniel has since been moved from the Coosa County jail. Sheriff Michael Howell told CBS 42 he had no comment when we called for details on the investigation.

According to Daniel’s lawyer, Mickey McDermott, he said he has received no response from officials.

“She hasn’t even gotten so much as an investigator sitting down with her saying, tell us what you know and we will investigate it,” said McDermott.

McDermott said Daniel is concerned about the health of the child and hopes she will be moved to a hospital for birth.

He said Daniel should not be able to have sex while in custody.

“By Alabama law, she cannot consent to having sex and legally she cannot have sex and nobody can have sex with her,” said McDermott.

According to court documents, Daniel was accused of driving a getaway vehicle for suspect Ladaniel Tuck, who was also charged with capital murder in the deadly robbery of 87-year-old Thomas Chandler.

In an incident report filed through the online state court system, investigators wrote that ‘Daniel participated in the robbery and shooting as the driver of vehicle. During the robbery currency was stolen from Chandler. Daniel admitted to receiving proceeds from the robbery.’

Daniel has not been convicted. Family members say no matter the allegation, they expected she would be protected in custody while she waits to learn the outcome of her case.

Her brother wants answers.

“If I am locked up, that means you’re supposed to make sure that I am good at all times, stuff like this should not happen,” said Ransaw.

For now, Ransaw is preparing to care for his future nephew while he waits to learn what happened. His family considers the unexpected child a blessing.

“We happy for my little nephew, he is going to be spoiled, he is going to be taken care of, he is going to be loved,” said Ransaw.

The Coosa County Administrator’s Office had no comment and deferred questions to the Coosa County Attorney, but no one responded to our request for information.

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