MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — The National Rifle Association is encouraging its members to support a bill that would create a statewide database for pistol permit holders and a lifetime carry permit.

However, the bill is getting mixed reaction from some gun owners, such as Eddie Fulmer of Bama Carry, a gun rights group in Alabama.

“Put those on there that are prohibited a lot less people are prohibited than those that are not,” Fulmer said. “Why are they identifying law-abiding citizens because we are the only ones that will comply with the law.”

According to the bill, the database would be handled by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

“This is just a bad bill and it needs to be done away with,” Fulmer said.

The bill would also allow concealed carry permits may be issued for terms of one year or five years or for the lifetime of the permit holder.

“Sometimes, if a person has a permit and they have committed a crime, or they’ve done something that would violate the requirements of that permit, then there have been no checks and balances,” House Speaker Mac McCutcheon said.

McCutcheon said that with ALEA being involved, some of these issues could be fixed.