BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect throughout parts of Central Alabama Sunday evening as rain begins to transition into snowfall.

The Jefferson County EMA is encouraging morning commuters to take their time on the roadways as there could be slick spots.

“We’re going to have a two-to-four-hour period of very heavy snowfall this evening and even though it’s been so warm, we’ve broken some records this past could of days. But the snowfall rate will overtake the melting rate and we will see some snow on the ground,” said Jim Stefkovich, the Meteorologist with the Alabama Emergency Management Agency.

The main concern is for drivers as the snow could lead to icy patches on the roadways.

“We just want people to be careful driving to work and school tomorrow just because there may be patchy slick areas on the roadways. Take your time crossing over elevated areas like bridges and overpasses. Just making sure you add extra time in your commute in the morning so you can take time to get to point a to point b without having to speed and put yourself in necessary danger,” said Melissa Sizemore of the Jefferson County EMA.

Neighboring emergency agencies tell us they are working closely with road crews and first responders to prepare for the winter weather.

“We did a conference call with them today, just providing them with the latest update with the forecast so that they could get things in place, anything they need to do to get prepared. We do have some hilly terrain in Calhoun County some of the roads that go over the big hills, a lot of people know where those spots are that have ice patches and are slower to thaw out so again use extra caution when traveling,” said Myles Chamblee with the Calhoun County EMA.

Emergency management teams are encouraging people to stay home and off the roadways if they can, but if you have to leave, be weather aware.

“If you are driving, be cautious because there are going to be some icy spots on bridges and overpasses, so be very cautious if you are going across one of those,” said Stefkovich.

The Alabama Department of Transportation will also be out Sunday evening and early Monday morning monitoring roads and treating areas.