TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The Alabama Department of Transportation is teaching first responders about the dangers of responding to crashes in the interstate and local roadways.

The ALDOT’s Traffic Incident Management Course is a six-hour class for law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency management, plus towing and recovery personnel.

The class is taught by ALDOT’s Ken Colvert, who is a retired 21-year veteran firefighter. He teaches how to handle a crash and clear it from the road safely and quickly.

“So we are here today teaching traffic incident management to responders,” Colvert said. “It is a coordinated effort to have responders learn how to keep themselves safe out on the roadway when they are dealing with multiple traffic incidents.”

Tuscaloosa Police Department Cpt. Lachlan Chronister said this class is invaluable and can help save lives of first responders.

“Your head has to stay on the swivel,” Chronister said. “And you are out there dealing with whatever accident you’re dealing with, and you have cars going by you at 35, 55, 70 miles per hour on the interstate. Many times, they won’t slow down. Sometimes they do. We have the move over law, and some vehicles do [move] and some don’t. So that’s why this course is so important for safety.”

According to the ALDOT, 28% of all traffic fatalities are a result of distracted driving.