BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – The FDA approved the latest COVID vaccine booster Monday. The Alabama Department of Health says rollout dates haven’t been given just yet but should be expected soon.

Some people say they won’t be getting the next booster shot but most are glad another is on the way.

“Some people take them, some people don’t. Personally, I’m going to take it,” says Birmingham resident Dwayne Beroy.

Some people say getting the vaccines is a personal decision but they hope to see people getting it not only for their own health but to help protect others.

“Especially being a barber, I have to deal with people every day so it’s really a no-brainer,” says Birmingham resident Eric Ryles. “I accept it. I’m ready for my next one anyway.”

“I am concerned about the general health of the population, I’m worried about the people that remain unvaccinated, so it makes it safer for everyone,” says Birmingham resident Richard Carnaggio.

COVID cases are on the rise once again, according to the CDC. Though the pandemic has ended, the Alabama Department of Public Health says the virus is here to stay.

“This could much like flu season turn into something that we see is updated on a yearly basis,” says Dr. Wes Stubblefield, district medical officer for the Alabama Department of Public Health. “Individuals need to make a decision on what’s best for them but overall the vaccine has been very safe and effective and has been studied probably more than any other vaccine in history.”

The Alabama Department of Public Health says the CDC should sign off on priority groups for this next booster shot within the next few days.