TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The University of Alabama is considering selling alcohol at Coleman Coliseum.  UA student Chloe Brown supports the proposal, calling it a good idea.

“You don’t need alcohol to have fun, but it does help a little bit, so I say it’s a good thing,” she said.  “I feel like a lot of college kids really like alcohol, so if you have alcohol there I feel like you’re bringing in more students and more money for the school.”

The university’s concession company submitted an application to the city council for a liquor license.  It would cover basketball games and gymnastic meets. Councilman Lee Busby who represents District 4 in the downtown area of Tuscaloosa supports the measure.

“I don’t anticipate any significant council opposition to it.  The university has been a good steward of its venues and keeping crowds under control and I don’t see any problems arising out of it” Busby said.

The Southeastern Conference lifted a ban on alcohol sales in public seating areas of on-campus stadiums in 2019, leaving the final decision to universities. UA student Emma Lewis opposes the proposed liquor license.

“It could pose a safety hazard, there is a student section that could get a little crazy and if the license is approved that means more people would come and that might not be good”.      

Councilman Lee Busby believes UA has more than enough security at Coleman Coliseum to make sure fans don’t get out of hand.  Busby also says selling liquor could be good for the tax base and bring in more revenue.

“For those adults who decide to have a beverage or two while watching the game they can do that.  And this is not some untested dive bar we are talking about, the university has been a good steward of its venues,” he said. “Alcohol and sales tax revenues are something to be considered, but I think the main point of this is that people that want to have a drink can enjoy the game and I think we will work this out”.

The Tuscaloosa City Council is expected to vote on the proposed issue Tuesday night.