GREENSBORO, Ala. (WIAT) — Aging roofs in the Hale County courthouse and county jail are being replaced.

Last October, a heavy downpour of rainwater leaked into the courtroom causing flooding and damage to the floors and walls. County Commissioner Donald Anderson says getting the roof replaced is long overdue.

“This was much needed [repair], we had water coming down the walls and it was flooding the courtroom and different areas of the courthouse and running all downstairs,” Anderson said. “This was something much needed for such a long time and we’ve been patching and patching and thank God we are able to replace it this time.”

Two different contractors have been hired to do the roof replacements. Workers have already started construction on the roof at the Hale County Jail, with plans to replace the courthouse roof sometime soon.

EMA director Russell Weeden says both facilities are old and the construction should fix the leaks and other problems.

“So anytime you have a leaking roof, you worry about mold problems and safety hazards from water on the floor — if somebody slips and falls so you worry about safety stuff so it’s good both buildings are getting new roofs,” Weeden said.

Both projects are expected to be completed by April. It will cost $1.4 million for the new courthouse roof and over $400,000 for the new jail roof.