BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — We are two days into the new year and many of you are hard at work on your new year’s resolutions. Our Carly Laing talked with some experts who say if you want to make those goals last all year, start small.

For many, 2023 come with new goals. CrossFit Mephobia Owner Hayden Setser said if you want to get in shape in 2023 start small.

“If you do too much at one time it becomes very overwhelming and then you start to fail at one thing and you’re like I’ll just try again next month, and then it becomes the next month,” Setser said.

Sester suggested setting small weekly or monthly goals. This will help keep you on track through out the year.

“Say your hardest thing is to eat vegetables. I’d say hey I want you to try to eat vegetables four out of seven days this week.

Once those achievable goals are set. Setser said focus on you and find someone who will help you stick to it.

“Try not to compare yourself to the person standing beside you. Everyone is in a different part of their journey. Come to the gym, focus on you, find you a community that will hold you accountable and roll with it,” Setser said.

The same concepts can be applied to your finances.

“A lot of people are anxious about their finances and the reason they are anxious is because they really don’t know where they are relative to the things they want to achieve,” said Marshall Rathmell.

Rathmell is a Financial Planner and CEO of BCR Wealth. He said knowing where you stand financially before making your goals will help you find a more realistic achievement.

“Number one, update or create a net worth statement detailing what they own and what they owe. Number two, define the ideal future they want to achieve and number three, access their progress toward that ideal future so they can decide what they are going to do in the next 12 months to help them get closer to that ideal future,” said Rathmell.

Once you know where you stand, Rathmell said set small goals to keep you on track.

“Figure out what steps over the next three months you’re going to take to get closer to that. It’s really easy to set a 12 month goal and then think I’ve got several months to get started because I have the rest of the year,” said Rathmell.

Whether you’re focusing on fitness or finances in the new year, small, attainable goals can lead to big resolutions.