AAA: Nearly 49M drivers expected to hit road for July 4th

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Gas prices are lower than a year ago, prompting travelers to take the road for the 4th of July holiday.

The nation’s average for regular gas stands just below $2.72 per gallon, according to AAA. In Alabama, the average sits around $2.33 this holiday week. This price is 20 cents lower than last year.

“That’s a great thing, we don’t normally see Summer gas prices in the $2.30s per gallon but its something to be thankful for, for everybody that’s traveling,” Clay Ingram, AAA spokesperson, said.

The low prices are expected to fuel a record amount of travel with nearly 49 million people expected to pack up for Independence Day.

“We see a lot of drive-through traffic here in Alabama, people coming from all other parts of the country,” Ingram said.

With only three days until the holiday, folks in Alabama are already starting to hit the road.

“We’re actually leaving town right now,” Kathleen Busbee said. “We live in Homewood and we just filled up. We have rented a 15 passenger van and  we are headed to basically California.”

And if you are on the road and are searching for a gas station with the cheapest price, AAA has an app for that.

“We’ve got a free phone app that’s just the AA app. Its free to anybody and everybody with no strings attached and its got a lot of cool features on there but one of those is a fuel price finder that will help you find the lowest price gas in your general vicinity no matter where you are,” Ingram said.

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