BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — ‘Jurassic Quest’ is taking Birmingham back in time 160 million years with life-like dinosaur encounters this weekend.

CBS 42 got an exclusive behind the scenes look, getting face to face with some of the coolest prehistoric creatures to ever invade the BJCC.

Park Ranger Marty and others like Dino Trainer Brianna are here to help bring the magic of ‘Jurassic Quest’ come to life.

Marty and Brianna told CBS42 it means a lot to help make so many people’s wildest dino dreams come true.

“I grew up as a dino nerd myself and, you know, who knew that you could make a career out of spending time with dinosaurs,” said Brianna. “So, what better place to work at than Jurassic Quest.”

At Jurassic Quest, children and their families can take part in several hands-on experiences, such as rideable dinosaurs, raptor training shows, dino-art stations, fossil digs and more.

“I just love the educational aspect of it because Jurassic Quest really prides itself on being educational as well as entertaining and so for me, to teach people about dinosaurs, I’m teaching people about my best 8-year-old life,” said Marty.  

He added this experience allows children and their families to interact with tangible forms of science – an educational experience like no other. This year, Jurassic Quest have even more additions for their attendees to enjoy.

“This year we’re introducing out new Tyrannosaurus Rex,” Brianna said. “(There) is a video tour that takes you all the way from the Triassic to the Jurassic. We have signs that display all of the behaviors of the dinosaurs that you’re looking at, how to say their names, their social patterns. We even have a fossil experience where you can see museum grade fossil casts and real dinosaur fossils.”

Above all else, Marty said this is an experience families will remember for many years to come.

“You know the day to day making their lunch and everything- they don’t remember that, but there are moments like this where you go to a big event and they remember that forever,” said Marty. “And that is something they can hold onto and that you hold onto. So, it’s a great time to make family memories.”

Jurassic Quest will be at the BJCC Friday through Sunday. Marty said tickets are selling fast so you’ll want to get them before they go “extinct.” You can use promo code ‘RAPTOR’ to save 10% on tickets.