BREMEN, Ga. (WIAT) — Whenever the Powerball number grows, Bart says he and his brother drive across the state line from Birmingham, AL to Bremen, GA just to get their hands on a Powerball ticket.

“I come over here on a regular basis. It might be once a month,” said Bart. “Everybody wants to take out that opportunity to try to win, be a millionaire.”

Bart and his brother are just two of many Alabamians who drive to Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Florida to do so, but they’re hoping that will change.

“Long overdue. I feel like it would really benefit our state a whole lot,” said Bart. “If you take this kind of money for the education that’s set up now in our state in Alabama, it will help out a whole bunch of children put them in the right direction. You’re changing a generation if we get the lottery in Alabama.”

Alabama is one of five states that do not have a lottery.

Over the last few years, it’s been a topic of discussion among state lawmakers.