6-year-old sells paintings to help family offset adoption costs

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CHELSEA, Ala. (WIAT) — 6-year-old Lorelei Posey started taking painting lessons in January 2015. It began as a hobby, and now it is her passion. Today, her paintings have touched hundreds of hearts beyond her canvases.

In April, Lorelei decided she wanted to start selling her artwork to financially help her godmother, Jenny Mullaly, and her husband, Jay, adopt a baby. For months, Lorelei worked on creating artwork that she was proud to show and sell in her community.

“We don’t know who this child is yet, we don’t know where this child is yet, but this child is loved,” said Jenny Mullaly.

The community art show ran in late December where $2,000 was raised. Today, money is still pouring in from all over the globe because is selling her prints on Etsy.

“Her art for a six-year-old blows my mind. It really is a gift that this child has. Not only the art, but her little heart thinking, ‘I’m going to do something for someone who is not even here yet,’’’ Mullaly said.

“Our goal is that people hear the story and maybe they’re thinking about adoption, and they don’t think it can be done because it’s too costly. (I hope those people) look at the heart of a six-year-old who was raised money to allow a family to meet their dream of raising a baby,” said Kathy Posey, Lorelei’s mother.

So far, Lorelei has raised nearly $4,000 and plans to keep selling her prints until her the Mullaly’s adopt their baby.

“My heart just overflows thinking about this little goal. It started as ‘I want to show people my art’ and it turned into, ‘we’re going to help bring a baby home for a family,’” said Posey

If you are interested in learning more about Lorelei’s story, as well as donate to the cause yourself, visit her Go Fund Me page.  90 percent of the proceeds will go to the Mullaly’s adoption fund, the rest is used to printing and shipping expenses.

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