Nearly 50 men are facing charges of soliciting prostitution after a sting operation conducted in Tuscaloosa.

The operation was part of the National Johns Suppression Initiative conducted in 16 states. In all, 47 men in Tuscaloosa were arrested. 

Some of the men were also charged in relation to controlled substances and gun charges. Tuscaloosa Police tell CBS 42 News that the operation lasted four days, over two weekends.

“We try to have a balanced approach to what we do,” said Lt. Darren Beams with Tuscaloosa Police. “We go after the females, we try to rescue the human trafficking victims. We make arrests of females that are just doing it for the purpose of making money for themselves, and we also go after what’s called the john, the clients, the buyers of commercial sex. We try to have a balanced approach.” 

Tuscaloosa Police also recovered 8 illegal handguns in the process of the sting operation.