2 Alabama children found locked in trash container, covered in ants

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —  A father of two is behind bars after police say he locked his two children in a trash container.

A manhunt took place over the weekend as officials searched for the man and his two kids after Dothan Police received a call from another person, reporting the man planned to kill himself and harm the children.

25-year-old Lorenzo McCullough is now behind bars, facing multiple charges after police and neighbors spent hours searching for him at a local apartment complex. After locating him, they continued looking for the children, hoping to find them still alive. The frantic search began Saturday night around 11.

“The caller said that he was going to harm his two children and commit suicide,” Dothan Police Lt. Will Glover said. So, police decided to bring in reinforcements.

“We called out seven investigators, we had Dothan Fire Dept. personnel on scene, and some deputies from Houston County to include one of their bloodhounds,” Glover recalled.

McCullough was reportedly spotted by a patrol unit, but fled on foot when they tried to speak to him. Police say he was later found hiding inside another apartment, but the children–a two year old and a four year old–were nowhere to be found.

“McCullough at that time was not cooperative and would not tell us where the children were, so we continued our search,” Glover said.

After hours of searching, the two young children were finally found locked in a trash container, covered in ants.

“It was kind of an emotional roller coaster for all involved,” Glover said. “Even throughout finding the children, we were happy the kids were okay, in the sense they were still alive, but we were extremely upset about the condition the kids were found.”

They were taken to a local hospital for their ant bites and scratches, but are expected to make a full recovery.

McCullough is currently being held without bond, but will have a hearing soon where one will be determined. As for the children, they are back in the care of their family.

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