HUEYTOWN, Ala. (WIAT) — A local towing company, Classic Towing and Recovery, provided cars for crash scenes in Trading Paint, a racing movie due out June 2018 starring John Travolta.

Frankie McMillin and Mason Carnes said working on the movie set was an awe inspiring experience and the first time either of them had been on a movie set.

They helped set up car crash scenes using wrecked cars from the Classic lot.

They wrapped one car’s front end around a telephone pole one scene and also helped set cars in place for a t-bone crash.

While they were on set, they also got to meet Travolta.“He had seen is sitting over there just watching and he made it a point. He actually made them hold the scene up that they were about to shoot … And he came over and said ‘Hey!’ to us and shook our hands. Thanked us for coming out,” said Carnes“What’s going to stick with me is meeting John Travolta. That was the coolest part. And being a part of it, you know? When you see the movie and being a part, you know you helped set up those cars. That’s pretty cool,” said McMillin.

Monday, Travolta was spotted filming at Medical West. We’ve received photos from the staff there who got to meet him as well.

The Talladega Short Track issued a post on Facebook Tuesday calling for extras through August 31 as filming continues there.