Local pastor responds to criticism received for comments made during meeting with President Trump


A local pastor sat down with Birmingham media on Thursday to respond to criticism he and other pastors received for comments made during a meeting with President Trump. 

Van Moody, the pastor of The Worship Center Christian Church, says ministers meeting at the White House did not know Trump would be attending the meeting. He says they were there to discuss the administration’s prison reform plans. 

Moody received backlash on social media when he thanked the president for being compassionate and caring about all people. The pastor says the comment was not a blanket endorsement of everything President Trump has done. 

“My statements about him caring for all people was strictly about this notion of prison reform,” Moody said. “I have been very concerned particularly for how people of color have been marginalized and disenfranchised in the prison system for far too long.”

As believers, Moody says we are called to be part of the solution which transcends who might be in the White House. 

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