Local NAACP President’s message to those calling for resignation


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Local NAACP President Hezekiah Jackson telling his story of why he is not bowing to pressure to step down. He insists he has nothing to hide.

Jackson joined me for an exclusive Backseat Conversation as we rode to the 35th Avenue Environmental Protection Agency Superfund site in North Birmingham. The Old Carver High School is where the EPA is in a legal battle to clean up more than 100 years of Birmingham’s Steel Industry pollutants. But Jackson finds himself mired in controversy over what some claim he said to people living in contaminated areas. 

He emphatically states he did take money to discourage them from having their soil tested. Jackson has not been charged with a crime and he says he plans to file lawsuits against those he believes have either libeled or slandered him. Jackson says the timetable for the litigation is short. We did not name his accusers in this story because there are no lawsuits filed against them at this time. 

Jackson added he has the support of the local NAACP despite calls from some community activists for him to resign.

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