Local health care providers launch coronavirus education campaign


BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — American Family Care is launching a coronavirus education campaign.

Dr. Benjamin Barlow, the chief medical officer at AFC, said the campaign will help providers follow a specific protocol to the virus and how to educate the public about this strain.

As of February 3, the CDC has reported 11 positive cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States.

Dr. Barlow said the human coronavirus is different from the novel coronavirus. The human coronavirus is known to be from the common cold. The novel coronavirus is a mutated version that came from an animal and spread to people. The novel version is specifically coming from China.

Dr. Barlow said you can only get the virus if you’ve been in direct contact with someone with the virus or recently traveled to China.

The flu is still the main concern for many health care providers.

“My biggest concern is getting people to do their normal behavior in terms of protecting themselves and their patients so it’s wearing masks, cleaning the room afterward, but also not losing perspective that right now, the flu harms and kills more people than the coronavirus does. So while we need to monitor what the coronavirus is doing and potentially screen for those type of patients, our biggest concern right now is still the flu, the 8,000 people that have died from the flu and treating those patients,” said Dr. Barlow.

Dr. Barlow said the main difference between the flu and the human coronavirus is the coronavirus is more upper respiratory problems while the flu can affect the total body.

American Family Care said they are closely monitoring the CDC on the developments of the human coronavirus.


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