Local band weighs in on future of live music and entertainment


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — No large gatherings haven’t meant any performances for The Divines. They’re a Birmingham local cover band and the power of their music lives on. People are hiring them to send their strums, drums, and voices over Zoom for virtual events.

Will virtual concerts be the new normal for a while?

“I foresee [virtual concerts] being fairly normal for a bit. But I’m also noticing some transitions to outdoor events of a smaller scale,” said Kenny Divine, lead singer, and drummer for The Divines. “We did a porch party the other night and all the neighbors lined up on the side of the street, 6 feet apart of course, and we were able to play in front of actual people.”

Zoom performances and front yard concerts have been making the band members extra cash each month and adding extra smiles to virtual happy hours. They recently played for GrandView Financial’s virtual happy hour event.

The Divines haven’t been booked nearly as much since the health crisis hit, but the band says their exposure has grown.

“We’ve picked up a lot of followers on Instagram and other social media sites, just from going online. Mainly from people who have never sat down and watched us for an extended period of time,” said Divine.

The band appreciates the notoriety and opportunity. They do still miss the feelings of performing a live show.

All of the Divines are counting the days until they can safely play atop a stage again.

“We’re really really hoping we can get back to playing weddings at least by June or July,” they added.

Until then, if you want them to rock your street or your happy hour, you can book the band or check them out here.


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