Living Well with Michelle: Infrared sauna workouts


Birmingham, Ala. (WIAT) — In this week’s Living Well with Michelle, Michelle took a trip to HOTWORX in Vestavia Hills. HOTWORX Vestavia Hills owner Leigh Ann Allen says the gym’s infrared saunas help gymgoers detoxify while working out. 

“The infrared energy and the heat is penetrating about an inch and a half under your skin,” said Allen. “So you’re able to detox, you’re able to sooth those achy joints and muscles.”

Allen first discovered the benefits of infrared saunas during her recovery from a severe back injury. 

“I had a bad accident four years ago,” said Allen. “My doctor recommended it to me to aid in my recovery.”

Today, the gym owner is not the only one to discover the health benefits of doing the saunas. HOTWORX member Kelli Kelly was recommended using infrared saunas as part of a heavy metal detox. 

“My doctor gave me a couple prescriptions,” said Kelly. “Some supplements and said to get in an infrared sauna everyday for 30 minutes.”

Former Auburn football player Al Delgreco regularly works out at HOTWORX. He said he appreaciates the benefits of infrared saunas. 

“To get a good sweat,” said Delgreco. “And to get all the endorphins going and get all the lactic acid going.” 

Infrared saunas can be found at many spas and wellness centers in Central Alabama. It is said that you can still get the benefits by just sitting and sweating in the saunas as well.

WATCH to see the (sweaty) results of the workout! 

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