Lipscomb interim police chief working to improve department

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

Lipscomb’s interim police chief is making changes to set the department up for success going forward, whether he gets the full-time job or not. 

Lamar Lackey took over the role in late July after previous chief Brian Martin was arrested on drug charges. Since then he’s worked on making the department more efficient and effective. Lackey is a former businessman with a background in investment banking. He took over struggling companies and stabilized them, which is similar to what he’s doing in Lipscomb. 

His first goal was to make the department more organized, especially with how they handle evidence. He’s implemented a system for labeling and organizing evidence for easier access and processing. He’s also moved the department to a more digital approach, cleaning up paperwork and saving it digitally. 

“I will hand this police department off to a permanent chief, and that chief will have a department that is ready to assume, and a department that is tight and right,” Lackey said.

He says the city hopes to have a permanent chief by the end of the year. He’s not pushing to get that position himself, but that doesn’t mean he’ll rule it out if the opportunity is available.

His focus now is on improving the department for whomever takes over, and that also includes positive policing. He says police work is a lot like customer service, and that’s the approach he wants the department to have.

“Sometimes in police work, it’s not a matter of taking a report or arresting somebody,” Lackey said. “Sometimes being a policeman is putting your arm around somebody and telling them it’s going to be alright.”

And he believes that approach can also help prevent crime. 

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