HAMILTON, Ala. (WIAT) — “She died outside my office,” cried April Cagle, Linda Cole’s daughter.

Cagle spoke with CBS42 as she and her sister Summer Todd remembered their mother, who was murdered Wednesday in Hamilton.

She was one of two victims in a double homicide that rocked that small community, and according to Cagle and Todd, their mother barely knew the suspect Jimmy Cooper at all.

They said Linda Cole had no contact with Cooper for almost 15 years. But Thursday, people remembered a bright woman who was gunned down at her own firm.

“She took her last breath in my arms,” cried Cagle.

The horrific memory is forever branded into the mind of April Cagle as she recalled her worst nightmare.

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“God put an angel in her partner’s office and she helped me do CPR, but we couldn’t get her back,” sobbed Cagle.

April and her sister Summer said this is an extremely difficult time, not only for them, but also for their children, including Summer’s 6-year-old son.

“This morning he was holding a picture of her and he just started crying, he said I really miss her, and he told one of her friends, mama always loved my laugh,” Todd said.

Cole’s family, her friends and her clients loved her laugh, especially that smile that they say lit up any room.

“What she taught us for as long as I can remember was to be grateful, and thankful for everything that we have, and love people, live your life the way you know God would want you to, and just love everybody, even the bad,” Todd said.

Thursday, the suspect, Jimmy Cooper, was formally charged with one count of kidnapping and two counts of capital murder.

“He walked in and he knew what he was doing,” Cagle said.

Cooper is a name many know around town, but Linda’s daughters aren’t so sure they’ll ever be able to forgive him.

“My prayer has been for a forgiving heart, but I also know that my God understands and his love surpassed every bit of it,” Cagle said.

There was another victim, Donnie Miller, who Cagle said she remembered vividly from their days working in fire and rescue.

“He was always one of the very first ones on the scene, and he was one that he gave and never expected to receive anything in return, Donnie was a good man, a good man, he was like our mama,” Cagle said.