Lawmakers propose soda tax to avoid raising income, property taxes

Christmas Day
December 25 2021 12:00 am

(WIAT) – If you’ve needed a reason to cut back on soft drinks, you may soon have a new one. Alabama lawmakers are hoping to cash in on the popularity of sodas by adding a new five cent tax on every 12 ounces of soft drinks you buy.

Governor Bentley is calling this proposed tax hike on sodas part of his plan to add “user taxes.”

These will help him avoid raising income and property taxes.

Alabama lawmakers have not agreed with the governor on a plan to address the states $200 million budget shortfall.

WIAT asked people on the street what they thought of the soda tax.

“It wouldn’t affect us, if it was just five cents more and we bought a soda there,” Abby Rensink said.

WIAT talked to a man who said, “I would like to see where it’s going, the tax would affect the poor a lot more than people with money.”

Alabama already has a four percent tax on soda.

Legislators are expected to continue working in special sessions until a new budget is passed.

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