‘Latin Lotto’ scheme targets older Hispanic women; scammers trick people into cashing fake’winning’ lottery tickets

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LOS ANGELES, CA (WIAT & CBS) Scammers in Southern California are targeting older Hispanic women.

They’ve scammed people tens of thousands of dollars by tricking them into cashing fake ‘winning’ lottery tickets.

The FBI calls it the ‘Latin Lotto’ Scheme.

Authorities say four defendants have been charged with several counts, including wire fraud.

According to FBI Special agent Vovietta Morgan the scammers would approach victims speaking Spanish telling them they had a winning lottery ticket but needed help cashing it because they were undocumented. The scam group would then ask the victim for the money and promised they would pay the victim back including some extra cash when they cashed in the fake lottery ticket.


Morgan said victims withdrew thousands of dollars and sometimes thousands more in jewelry, to secure their portion of the prize.

FBI agent Morgan said even though four scammers were arrested, more scammers will take their place.

Officials warn residents to never under any circumstances give money in order to receive money. Also, residents should warn their older loved ones about the scam.

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