BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – U.S. Senate candidate Katie Britt turned down an invitation for a statewide debate with our parent company, Nexstar Media. But her opponent Mo Brooks said he wants to debate ahead of the runoff election.

The U.S. Senate race has been heated from the beginning and it’s only getting hotter as we get closer to the runoff election later this month. Candidates Katie Britt and Mo Brooks have been battling it out for months but have yet to take questions during a formal debate. Our parent company, Nexstar Media, asked both candidates to participate in a statewide debate but Britt declined the offer.

CBS 42 caught up with her Thursday at a panel discussion in Troy. This is what she had to say about a debate.

“I would love the opportunity to debate, but unfortunately my opponent just wants to create a circus and so to have the opportunity to constructively discuss issues is something I would love to do but I’m not going to give him the opportunity to spread lies and misinformation,” Britt said.

Meanwhile, Brooks did not attend Thursday’s panel but he has been very vocal about wanting to debate. During election night, right after the results were announced CBS 42 asked Brooks about a debate with Britt. This is what he had to say then.

“My thought is let’s have at it. If you can defend these attack ads that your team has launched against me, I dare you. Because you know what, I’m going to be able to expose them for the scurrilous lies that they are that has orchestrated this campaign,” Brooks said,.

The runoff election is about three weeks away. It’s set for June 21.