UPDATE: Friday, the murder warrant for Jeff West was filed in court records; according to the warrant, investigators believe a Lucid Absinthe bottle was the weapon used in Kat West’s killing.


On Thursday, the Calera Police Department made an arrest in a murder case that left much of the Calera community shaken. 

Calera Police Chief Sean Lemley announced that they had arrested Kat West’s husband, Jeff West, for her murder.  

According to police, Kathleen West died from blunt trauma to her head. Friday, the murder warrant for Jeff West was filed, and states a Lucid Absinthe bottle was the weapon investigators believe was used in her killing. Her body was found outside of her house in the 100 block of Green Wood Circle on January 13, 2018. 

Chief Lemley says Jeff West was the prime suspect in the murder from the very beginning. 

“We know what happened, but we can’t tell you verbatim what was said, but we know what happened that night,” Lemley said. “We do have evidence to support that, but providing that evidence might hinder the prosecution.”

Jeff West was arrested Thursday morning and charged with murder. Kat West, who was a wife and mother, spent time as an adult-themed model on her subscription-based website.

Chief Lemley tells CBS 42 this case was a horrible tragedy for his community.

“This is a tragedy. There is a victim and the victim has family. There is also an offender, so it’s a tragedy all the way around for everyone,” Chief Lemley said. “From day one, we hit the ground running on this case and gave it 100 percent effort.”

Jeff West has not confessed to murder. He is currently being held in the Shelby County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

Chief Lemley says this case has impacted the city and both families involved, including the couple’s daughter.

“It’s a tragedy for all the family involved, especially the daughter. She is having to deal with the fact that she has lost a parent and now that this arrest has been made, it’s a tragedy.”

Lemley says his officers have not responded to any prior domestic violence incidents at the couples’ home.