Job opportunities on horizon with expansion of Birmingham-based Shipt


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — As the Birmingham-based delivery service Shipt prepares to add almost 1000 jobs over the course of its expansion, CBS 42 is getting an inside look at the service and opportunities ahead.

The company recently announced plans to add 881 positions to headquarters in downtown Birmingham.
Shipt is always accepting applications to be a shopper.

“Shipt was started, we made our first delivery in Birmingham of groceries in May of 2015,” said Julie Coop, a spokesperson for Shipt.

Since Shipt’s beginning, the company has expanded to 170 cities. As the company grows, more opportunities will come to Alabama.

Customers can choose to subscribe for the delivery service that features several retailers.

“We are looking for everything from app developers to engineers to marketers to shopper success trainers so it’s really a little bit of everything,” said Coop.

The Shipt Shoppers are not included in the 881 positions, but Coop said anyone over 18 is welcome to apply. 

Shipt shoppers must have a valid driver’s license, insurance, and reliable vehicle. Applicants are subjected to a video interview and a background check.

Once hired, workers can choose to accept orders.

“Our shoppers are paid per order and you can make up to $25 per order,” said Coop.

Grocery knowledge helps for customer orders. Shipt allows members to enter special instructions like picking a green banana or a ripe avocado.

Shipt has shopper assistants who are able to help assist with jobs.

The shopper app also provides workers with a list of items, estimated time of completion, and location of products in the store.

Shoppers scan items to make sure all have been gathered and that orders are accurate.

Workers bring insulated bags to keep perishable items fresh. Shipt employees are given a card loaded with the amount needed to complete the order, so no money exchanges hands, Coop said.

Coop attributes the company’s growth to a commitment to customer service. As the company expands, it aims to recruit heavily from Alabama and also attract other employees to the area.

“There is talent in Birmingham everything that Shipt was attributed to was built right here in Birmingham so we really are making a commitment to stay right here and to offer opportunities to people here in Birmingham and to bring talent into Birmingham as well,” said Coop.

The company has already started to list some of the new positions, Coop said, and will continue adding jobs over the next few years.

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