Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office protects against identity theft on “LivePD”


JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala., (WIAT) — Thieves are constantly finding new ways to steal your identity, and in Jefferson county, they were caught on live television doing it.

It was a wild police chase showing two men in a silver Chevy Impala in Jefferson County that landed a spot on A&E’s LivePD series.

A simple traffic stop for not wearing a seatbelt, led to an arrest. But Jefferson County Sheriff’s Officers found important pieces of information from Social Security Cards and Identification which can be used to get loans and credit cards.

UAB Director of Research in Computer Forensics Gary Warner who has worked in the field of computer science for more than two decades says the two kinds of credit card schemes that’s trending is Card-Present-Fraud, known as stripe reading, and Card-Not-Present fraud.

Card-Present Fraud is when a criminal gets a hold of your credit card stripe from your card and is able to make a duplicates.

The other scheme, Card-Not-Present fraud, is where you used your credit card on a website and the criminals have stolen the information about your order and can go shopping.

UAB Director of Research in Computer Forensics, Gary Warner says, “They actually may have a magnetic stripe writer in their vehicle or their hotel room. A lot of these guys will open up a credit card shop out of a hotel room and they’ll station in a certain town. Everybody in the gang will go out, get skimmers and make copies of those cards.

Trafficking and stolen identity is considered a felony. Criminals can be punished between two and 20 years in prison and up to a $30,000 fine.

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