BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A jury awarded Republican Roy Moore more than $8 million dollars Friday in a defamation suit against the Senate Majority PAC. Now, Moore tells CBS 42 that the case is far from over.

“I think if they appeal we may go to the United States Supreme Court,” Moore said. “This case is far from over but we did get a good verdict.”

The Democrat super PAC funded a political ad with decades-old sexual misconduct accusations against Moore, which ran during his 2017 Senate campaign.

“They made allegations about a mall and about soliciting sex from young girls and it was all completely false,” Moore stated.

Senate Majority PAC’s attorney Ben Stafford disputed the court’s decision in an e-mail statement.

“No amount of deflection or distraction from Roy Moore will change the fact that multiple individuals testified under oath to corroborate credible accusations against him. Many others have come forward to make their allegations public, at serious personal cost,” The statement read. “We do not think this verdict is the right decision, but we believe the facts are clear and this ruling will be overturned on appeal.”

The accusations from this case are not the only ones Moore has faced. During his 2017 Senate run, multiple allegations surfaced involving other women.

While Moore has lost other defamation cases, he hopes this court victory will set an example in Washington.

“It’s very important to start standing up against this kind of corrupt politics, and I think this jury, giving a good verdict against a major super PAC, has sent Washington reeling,” Moore said.