“In God We Trust” stickers on Sylacauga police cruisers creating controversy

October 02 2021 06:00 pm

SYLACAUGA, Ala. (WIAT) — A new sticker on Sylacauga Police Department cruisers are stirring up some controversy.

The words “In God We Trust” are affixed on about 16 different vehicles. No public money went to fund the stickers, which were provided by a private citizen and installed by a local business.

“One of our local business owners stepped up and said if we’d put it on our cars, he would be glad to fund the entire thing,” said Lt. Willis Whatley.

The Sylacauga City Council signed off on the stickers, and police say the response from the local community has been largely positive. There have been a few detractors on social media, however.

“Most of them are out-of-state people or groups that don’t support it, but everything we’ve received locally has been nothing but positive news. all the calls I’ve received personally have been definitely positive and proud of us for doing it,” said Whatley.

Sylacauga resident Regina Haynes is one of them. “I like it. I’m glad. I’m sure there may be somebody that wants to fuss that hunts a reason to fuss, but I for one am all for it,” said Haynes.

Some of the online criticism accuses the department of promoting religion or unfairly favoring one group of people over another, but Whatley says that is not the case.

“Our commitment is to the community,” Whatley said.

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