Illegal dumping near railroad tracks in Tuxedo Heights neighborhood


Birmingham, Ala., (WIAT) — Residents in the Tuxedo Heights community are upset about garbage, debris and over 75 tires near railroad tracks in Pratt City. “We’re trying to keep our area up, but other people come and throw trash down and destroy our area and destroy our area,” says Shirley Simmons. Simmons says the tires have been sitting near the railroad tracks for years.She’s now demanding action from the city and believes that if city officials removes the trash, more people will want to move to the area.

All of this after she had an encounter with a litterbug not long ago. “I stopped a man because he was dumping trash and I asked him why. He said it’s because everybody else dumps there trash here,” says Simmons.

Just last month, Mayor Randall Woodfin announced a new initiaitive that will make dumpsters available for residents to drop off mattresses, household garbage, trash and brush.

Birmingham City Councilor John Hilliard says residents can drop items such as tires off at the Sewer and Sanitation office North Birmingham District Office and adds that the equipment and maintenence is part of the blame. “Our systems are overburden, our trucks are breaking down on a regular basis and parts are extremely expensive so we got a lot we are dealing with but we’re not making any excuses,” says Birmingham City Councilor John Hilliard.

Simmons encourages District 9 residents to show up at the next neighborhood association meeting. To report illegal dumping call 311.

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