FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) — After getting criticism online, these volunteers have taken the moniker of “Idiots with Chain Saws” as a badge of honor. They gave their Facebook group chronicling efforts to clear Fish River the same name.

Volunteers say they’ve been able to clear three miles of fish river for recreation from Bohemian Park at County Road 48 to red barn road in Fairhope. That’s a three-mile stretch. A lot of that work was done more than a week ago. Going in boats and then wading in water that can be neck deep or deeper, it’s a tough job. Add the possibility of getting bit by venomous wildlife and you have a gig that not everyone would take. They’re just glad they’ve been able to make progress.

“We enjoy it. So that’s what we did. And we did it for the kayakers and everybody else. Everybody should get to enjoy the river. It shouldn’t be clogged up,” said volunteer Tim Canerela. His brother agrees.

“We just enjoy doing what we do and we enjoy letting other people, uh, enjoy the river. Um, you know, the river’s going to be back the same way it was after a couple of years, hopefully,” said Jason Canerala. We first talked to them nearly two years ago, as they focused on cleaning up leftover storm debris from Hurricane Sally. They say the storm changed the river and they want it usable for their families and future generations. They say they’re grateful to all the volunteers who helped pitch in with supplies like the pirates of Fish River.