As we near the midnight hour, Nicole nears the southeast coast of Florida. At 10:25 PM the center of circulation is about 50 miles NE of West Palm Beach, where rain is already stretching across south Florida. Landfall is expected around midnight as a category 1 hurricane.

After moving on shore, Nicole will start turning to the north where it cross the big bend of Florida by morning and move into southeast Alabama by tomorrow afternoon. Nicole with continue a northward track until it is pushed east by this potent cold front diving into the deep south Friday into Saturday. The forecast track has stayed very consistent for the last 36-48 hours.

Rainfall will begin for us late Thursday, shortly after sunset, and continue through Friday morning. The rain will stay largely confined to the eastern half of Alabama. There will be pockets of heavy rain with the potential of some minor flooding. Gusty winds are anticipated. Wind gusts between 20-30mph are forecast.

Due to the heavy rain, flood potential, and gusty winds, we will issue a Weather Aware for Thursday night into Friday morning. No extremely severe weather is anticipated at this time, but we will have a few locations that get some water inundation as a result of these tropical rain bands, so we will need to be prepared and aware. Although the rain will not be completely out of our viewing area until around noon Friday, the threat of any flooding goes down considerably by mid morning Friday.